Case Converter

Case converter is a simple text helpful tool for converting text to different formats. Our case converter supports a Sentence Case Converter, Lower case text converter, an Upper case converter, and capitalization of text online.

Different Types of Case converts

Sentence Case Converter

The sentence case online converter helps to convert a simple text to sentence case format. It will convert all the first letters in the first word of each sentence to uppercase.

Lower Case Converter

Lower case or small case online converter helps to convert all the text to lowercase only. There are many cases where we need to convert a miss formatted text to clean lower case letters; in that scenario, it is pretty useful.

Upper Case Converter

The upper case converter helps convert text to all Caps or Uppercase format. It is useful when we need to use pretty text printed on a cover or titles. 

Capitalized Case Converter

It is another helpful tool where we can quickly capitalize each word in a sentence or paragraph. So the tool will take each word in the given text input and convert it to upper case characters.

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